Here is the house descripton to guide you in the virtual visit above.
Living room.
This spacious ground floor room was once the house stable, where the family also lived in winter. The animals kept them warm. The neighbours would gather here to tell stories in the evenings. The manger is a reminder of those times, but we have replaced the animal based heating by under floor heating.
A large fully equipped kitchen with its original wooden floor.
Opposite the kitchen door a winding staircase leads to the next floor and the “Jeanne” bedroom.
‘Jeanne’ Bedroom
Originally a summertime bedroom with a door through to the cobbler’s shop this vaulted room now has 1.60 m wide double bed, ensuite shower, washroom and separate WC. Jeanne was the last person to occupy the house and slept here.
The rest of the first floor is now a garage and private area. However on arrival and departure you may pass through the garage with your luggage, avoiding using the winding staircase from the front entrance.
2nd floor Hallway
A new modern stairway leads to the upper floors. Here there are three bedrooms, a bathroom, a WC and a south facing balcony.
‘Ménagère’ Bedroom
This south facing vaulted bedroom hosts two comfortable 1.20 m wide single beds. It was used as a store room for objects, documents, tools etc. The wooden floor is original.
Eugénie Bedroom
This spacious room has an ensuite shower and wash room. A large balcony offers a magnificent view up the valley to the north. The bed is a 1.60 m wide double bed.
Eugénie was the grandmother of the previous owner and had eleven children in the house.
The Cobbler’s room.
Another large room with a 1.60 m wide double bed and ensuite shower and washroom. Eugène, Eugénie’s husband, was a cobbler by trade. Part of his shop is now the ensuite area of the Jeanne bedroom on the first floor.
The bathroom
A modern bathroom with an early 20th century washstand that has been completely revisited for running water.
3rd floor Hallway
On this floor there are two bedrooms, a shower room, a separate WC, and a quiet workspace with a desk.
‘Milou’ Bedroom
Two large single beds make this spacious room ideal for younger visitors. Emile, known as Milou, was the last young person to live here.
‘Tournay’ Bedroom
  The early 20th century bed (140 cm), sofa and bedside tables came from the Château de Tournay (near Geneva) where Voltaire lived for several years.
Ideally situated under the rafters the Mezzanine offers a magnificent view down the valley to Briançon. It is the perfect place to relax, read, play cards or board games, or just contemplate the view on the lounger.








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